Tamara Takpannie, (Inuit)
Originally from Iqaluit, Nunavut, Tamara is attending Carleton University where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts – in Psychology and Indigenous Studies. Tamara’s drive is to ensure that Inuit children are receiving the education that all other Canadian children receive while at the same time, knowing who they are as Inuit children. She also takes great pride in her efforts to revitalize Inuit customs and traditions in a colonial educational system.

Seanna Dale, (Metis)
Originally from Bancroft, Ontario, Seanna is attending Trent University where she is pursuing an Indigenous Bachelor of Education. Seanna is studying towards her goal of becoming an Educator. She plans to teach Indigenous education that has been left out of Canadian history classes. Seanna goes the extra mile for her fellow Indigenous students at the University where she works with First Peoples House of Learning who aid Indigenous students academically, culturally and offer supports and resources.

Niki Watts, (First Nations, Plains Cree from Nuxalk Nation)
Originally from Bella Coola, BC, she is attending Yorkville University where she is pursuing a Master’s Program in Counselling Psychology. Growing up in a rural community, Niki saw first-hand the struggles her people faced with high unemployment rates, substance abuse, school absenteeism and high suicide rates among young people. For these reasons, she chose this program so that she could tackle these issues in her home Community head on. Niki dreams of providing the members of Nuxalk the opportunity to seek and ask for help for any mental health issues they may be facing.