Every year APTN connects with potential target and fringe audiences by partnering with over 40 events nationwide.

Reaching out to our audience through sponsorship allows for better understanding of APTN while increasing loyalty and viewership.

All sponsorships undertaken – be they national or regional will take into consideration both the fiscal and financial resources and are accountable to the strategic goals and brand personality of the network.

Our Sponsorship Mission:

APTN is dedicated to building a strong community through empowering individuals at a community level. Through the digital transformation of Indigenous storytelling, our youth are the leaders of tomorrow and we are committed to connecting with them through sharing our Peoples’ journey, celebrating our cultures, inspiring our children and honouring the wisdom of our Elders.

Contributions (financial and in-kind) on a regional level are limited and should be submitted early in the fiscal year.

APTN generally does not provide funding or in-kind service support to the following:

  • Political parties, candidates, activities or initiatives;
  • Individuals or personal endeavours; (i.e. wedding socials or fundraisers);
  • Community activities (i.e. trips);
  • Religiously affiliated organizations or initiatives;
  • Military affiliated organizations or initiatives;
  • Community club sports team;
  • Travel, accommodation, meal expenses, tours, etc.

Requesting Financial & Contra Sponsorship

APTN is a non-profit charitable organization and financial sponsorships are budgeted per fiscal year. Although we do provide minimal financial contributions, APTN looks to building relationships with organizations through contra (in-kind) contributions.

Contra (in-kind) services APTN provides include:

  • National Air-time;
  • Website Banner Advertising:
  • Social Media;
  • Outdoor Screen Advertising.

If your proposal is approved, there could be the possibility to negotiate other options.

Requesting Promotional Merchandise and Donation

APTN provides promotional merchandise to various organizations on a national and regional level. However, the request must align to the sponsorship mission and is subject to availability.

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